VisiPRICING creates efficiency gains for freight forwarders, shipping companies & other logisticians

VisiPRICING is a system that allows a large number of extensive and complex price agreements and tariffs to be brought together and made usable in a single system. The system always finds the most favorable combination among all combinations.

VisiPRICING is a platform used by logistics companies to consolidate confusing, complex and also very different price agreements with numerous companies in one system. When creating offers, the system then always accesses the entire inventory of all existing agreements and shows all possible combinations for an offer. One sorting criterion can then be price, for example. Each customer gets his own stand-alone system that is adapted to the CI and design of his company.

The advantages include time savings, transparency, increased efficiency, cost savings, environmentally friendly solutions, flexibility, intuitive operation and the reduction of errors.

Transparent pricing:

Many tariffs, calculation types and surcharges are often confusing. We capture everything in one system and always deliver the best combination based on all agreements.
This transparency allows you to make informed decisions and build confidence in your business relationships.

Integration of purchase & sales tariffs:

VisiPRICING divides tariffs into purchase and sales tariffs. You can conveniently enter your suppliers' prices into the software and have them updated. At the same time, you can define sales tariffs for your customers. The tariffs are further subdivided according to modes of transport to enable you to calculate prices precisely.

Multiple options for price calculation

VisiPRICING offers you different calculation units for your prices. You can store prices based on container size, condition (full/empty), chassis price, one-way or round trip. In addition, you can use flat rates and distance rates, where distance rates can be calculated based on distance plants.

Flexibility with surcharges

VisiPRICING allows you to record surcharges in detail. You can store surcharges on a flat or percentage basis and relate them to specific properties, locations or calculation units. This allows you to create individual pricing that meets the requirements of your customers.

VisiPRICING - Transparency & fairness through digitalization

With VisiPRICING we pursue a simple mission: We want to make the market for time-critical transports more transparent & fairer.
Unfortunately, inefficiencies and lack of transparency are still commonplace in multimodal container transport. Too many different tariff structures and data sources and the lack of easy comparability often prevent dispatchers from determining the best transport in terms of price, speed and environmental impact.
VisiPRICING changes that by focusing on three fundamental principles: simplicity, transparency and fairness.
ViSiPRICING ensures through digitalization and comparability of as many data sources as possible that everyone - no matter if large corporation or small transport partner - gets the chance to transparently determine the optimal combination options and at the same time to react flexibly and quickly to change requests.
This results in time, cost and resource savings along the entire multimodal transport chain.
VisiPRICING's approach creates transparent and fair conditions and a new dimension of trust between all market participants!

The advantages of VisiPRICING:

The VisiPRICING system is able to include the most complex price agreements in the system and make them available.
The calculation can follow different rules. For example, from a specific location via a specific depot to a specific destination or from price zone to price zone.
Furthermore VisiPRICING can record agreed conditions for truck, rail or barge. The conditions can be searched by the VisiPRICING system very quickly for the best price combination and sorted by price in ascending order, taking into account ascending prices.

Efficient pricing

Determine the best pricing constellation based on your pricing agreements.

Quick response to the markets

Adjust your prices quickly to market changes.

Segmentation of your customers

Adjust your prices to different customer segments.

Simple integration

Integrate VisiPricing seamlessly with your existing systems.

User friendly interface

Work efficiently and intuitively with user-friendly software.

Cost savings

Avoid manual price calculations and reduce administrative overhead.

VisiPRICING - at a glance

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